Hungry in Watertown? Visit The Mustard Seed Cafe

Curried carrot soup and a veggie wrap.  Photo from 2017

I just returned from a lovely visit to Boston, MA. Traveling as a vegetarian can be a little challenging at times, but you know there will be options in a big American city. I enjoyed a lot of tasty dishes, from a Japanese hot pot restaurant in Chinatown, to various veggie options at an indoor market, to a vegan treat at a whoopie pie food truck! It was fantastic. If you’re coming up to enjoy Northern NY, I want you to have a positive experience, too.

I would be remiss if I did not do an entry about The Mustard Seed Cafe early on.  Housed in the health food store of the same name, the cafe has transformed since I first moved here ten years ago.  There is a large seating area for you to relax.  In the warmer months, they provide seating on their patio.  There are a couple booster seats for little ones.  The kitchen is open for lunchtime.  You can order fresh sandwiches and other specials from a window, but you can also serve yourself soups, stews, curries, and other delights from the crocks nearby.  Even when the kitchen closes, you can take advantage of these self-service areas later in the day.  There are also cold selections – sandwiches, salads, fresh cut fruit, etc.  Everything is clearly labeled, so you won’t have any difficulty finding vegetarian or vegan options.  They also provide gluten-free fare if that is of concern to you.  There’s something for everyone – even meat dishes if you have a family member or friend who insists.  Check out their menu!

The Mustard Seed serves a wide selection of drinks.  My daughter enjoys their organic milk pouches.  I tend to go for kombucha.  They also serve coffee and teas.  Many items are organic, locally roasted, or locally made (NY or surrounding states).

After your meal, they have fresh baked goods – many are vegan!  I always enjoy the macaroons or the squash blondie bars.  They’re perfect!  The fact that I can find dairy-free desserts is a huge plus in my book!  My daughter and husband often go for chocolate chip cookies.

If you are traveling to the St. Lawrence River or any lake houses, I suggest stopping in for some veggie snacks.  You can stock up on vegan marshmallows for bonfires, veggie dogs and burgers for the grill, or healthy treats like raw nuts in bulk.

Ask any local vegan or vegetarian – The Mustard Seed is a must for casual lunch without worrying if you’ll walk away hungry.  I always leave pleased!


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